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I just needed a fresh start so if anyone actually has or does read this blog or checks in, here is the link to the blog I plan on actually using :) Just One More Photo

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everleigh's Birth Story

I am writing this post for family and friends who may be interested in my experience. I am also posting it so that I can remember this day! Our first baby born outside of Michigan with a different OB, and I am happy to say it ended up being a wonderful experience! I was thoroughly impressed with Central Baptist Hospital and highly recommend having a baby in their facility!

Everleigh's planned induction did not exactly go the way that I assumed it would. On July 30th 2012 John and I woke up early, showered, and headed out for the hospital. We decided on the way there that we would pick up donuts for the nurses and doctors who would be working so hard to help me have a safe labor and delivery.
We arrived a little too early and had to wait about 20 minutes for a room, but once in the room the nurse came right in to get things started. By 8 am I was hooked up to the monitors and pitocin was started.

I had to also have antibiotics for Group B strep, so we had to wait 4 hours for the Dr to come in and break my water. Now, I assumed that once he broke my water I would deliver within an hour Ha! was I wrong. At 12:45 I received my epidural, not because I was in pain, but because my Dr had 3 inductions going that day and they thought I would go quickly after my water was broke and my nurse didn't want me to miss out on getting my epidural. 1:30 Dr. Owen comes in and I am still only 1-2cm, but he broke my water. 3:00 the nurse comes in to check me and I am still 2. 5pm I am now a 3, but the baby isn't really tolerating the pitocin, so they turn it down a bit. I am trying to kill time with facebook.

6pm I am still a 3, but a 4 with a contraction. 6:45 the nurse tells me my contractions are a the high end of strong enough, but not really close together. 8:30pm Dr. Owen comes in, they are seeing decels in the baby and assume I have really progressed. I am 4-5cm. I am so frustrated at this point. The nurse tells me that Dr. Owen is still hopeful, but if I haven't made good progress my 10pm, then a c section may be necessary. 9:15pm, I am feeling pressure on my bladder (of course.) I am a 6! I was so happy. 9:45pm, the pressure is more intense and I am feeling pain. I asked the nurse for more medication through my epidural, so she checked me and I was 7! So she called the anesthesiologist, while in the room, he asked if I had rested at all and I said "no." He then said "you have no idea how exhausted you are about to become." Ummm, thanks, but I think since I have five children at home that I fully understand the enormity of giving birth and caring for a newborn. What an off hand comment to make to a mom in labor lol. Anyway, at 10:15 the nurse came back in and turned the pitocin back on. She had turned it off to give the baby a break and to let the medication kick in for me. Not even fifteen minutes later, I looked at John and said "the pressure is different." With the next contraction I knew it was time to push. The Dr and nurse came in without even calling them and began setting everything up.

Since this was my first baby being delivered by Dr. Owen he asked if I had ever had a baby bigger than 7 pounds and if I had ever had any issues with delivery (like the baby getting stuck.) Luckily I have never had an issue or a large baby. So then I pushed through three contractions and Everleigh was here. I knew something was totally right because the Dr. held the baby for a few seconds before giving her to me and once she was on me the nurses with vigorously trying to stimulate her.

After a couple of short minutes they took her over to the warmer to really listen to her. I could hear them talking about her grunting and breathing fast. Dr. Owen kept assuring me though that she was fine.

I was only able to hold her for about 10 minutes after they took her to the warmer and try to nurse her because I had gestational diabetes and her sugar needed to be tested. She was unable to nurse because she was grunting and struggling to breathe. The nurse wrapped her quickly and gave her to John to carry to the nursery. She needed to have her lungs cleared out, and her back patted with a special tool to clean her out. She also had to have a bottle of formula because her blood sugar was low. She wasn't there too long before she joined us in our room. I was so grateful for the nurses and doctors swift care to get her breathing on track!

 My favorite picture of her from the nursery!

In one of her last ultrasounds she was grabbing her feet like this!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Part One Saturday's WITL

Every picture is worth a thousand words. Each one of these pictures tells at least one story. I have one story, the people or person in the story could have another story. I love that about pictures! What they say to me may be completely different from what they say to anyone reading this too.

A photo of me. I may not like my picture being taken since I have gained all this weight, but I know that I need to be in some photos for my children to have.

This picture tells the story of John being home more, even if it means more household chores. It is also the story of how much Finn loves to be close to Daddy!

Finn's sweet, chubby legs and feet. Oh the stories Finn could probably tell.

He he! This picture makes me laugh because Hunter was so aggrvated that Finn was trying to reach his cereal and all Hunter ever does is aggravate "Jacky." It is so fun to see him get a dose of his own medicine.

Mine and Jack's feet. Wow, if they could tell a story this week they would tell you all bout Georgetown Ky, the schools, the stores, the gas station...etc.

The girls finally getting outside during a light drizzle before the down pour began. The story for me is one of sisterhood!

The story of the boys' neck ties. I love how they go from long to short. I think of it as somewhat representing knowlege and life. The longest tie belongs to John, the oldes man in our family and the shortest to Finn. I know it may be a stretch for this metaphor, but that is the story this photo says to me.

I love that John is more available now. He came over when I was attempting to iron and just took over so I could go get ready for his Baptism.

Brothers! Best friends! Hunter may love Jack and little too much :)

This is the first suit I have ever bought for any of my sons. I love how sweet Finn looks in it and I found it for a steal at a children's resale shop. The girls said he looked like a mini mobster.

This picture tells the story of an amazing relationship! They may be twelve years apart in age, but they are really close to each other.

This picture tells the story of our life, literally!

John all dressed up driving us to the Church! So many things come to mind when I look at this photo, but mostly I think he looks really handsome.

The above five pictures are all from John's Baptism! It was beautiful! The talks were amazing, the girls did a great job with the opening and closing prayers. The Spirit was so strong all day! I am so proud of John and the commitment he has made. I am grateful for the friends that he has made down here (whom I am meeting and loving also) and all the support they gave to him while we were in Michigan. It is the small gestures that really mean the most and can change a person's life. It is something to always keep in mind.
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Friday's WITL

Just the photos!

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