Monday, April 11, 2011

Simply My Son

He loves to be silly.
He loves the color orange (sometimes red and blue.)
He likes containers.
He is quirky.
The number 2 is his favorite! He always wants more chocolate milk. He loves to play. He is sensitive. He has crazy good math skills. He needs extra help with language. He is stubborn and testing. He is hilarious. He enjoys a routine. He loves music "his songs." He is social. He is interesting. He is busy. He loves jelly and butter sandwiches. He is sensitive. He loves his friends. He likes to be a helper. He is a rule breaker, not always in a bad way. He makes the funniest faces. He doesn't like hair. He loves his back scratched. He teaches patience. He is learning and growing everyday. He is Simply My Son. He has my heart!

I am his voice, I am his advocate. I love him deeply! I am my son's mother!