Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Off the Subject

I just have to share this because I feel like the bulk of it is so true for anyone and I am always so blown away when my Testimony is strengthened just when it needs to be and in an unexpected way! I kid you not, I have to sit back for a minute because it takes my breath away, literally.

Here's my experience:

The background:
I have been terrible lately about getting to church, reading scriptures, and really connecting spiritually. I haven't been to church in at least a month, but my older children have been, I often let myself get distracted or misled and that is not good.
My biggest issue lately has been about moving and leaving everyone behind. I feel like my heart is literally breaking into a million pieces and I will never recover. So, in Relief Society (the third hour of church, this is a class just for the women) Sister Myrabou gave a lesson on talents. I think, "this is a cool lesson." Everyone is so wickedly talented here. We talk about being envious of others talents, learning talents, having faith, and working hard. As some of the women are sharing stories of learning from each other, it comes to me in a big wave (the Spirit.) I am not leaving everyone behind. I'm not doing that at all...I am taking everyone with me! (I'm tearing up all over again!) Every single friend that I have here in Michigan, both at church and not at church, has shared with me some part of their individual talent (and in the lesson we talked about how talents aren't necessarily just sewing, scrapbooking, knitting etc, but also compassion, service etc really anything.)

So, I want everyone/anyone who reads this to know:

If you are a friend of mine or have ever spent time with me, I have learned something from you and I know that it came from you. You will always be with me no matter where I physically live on this planet! Thank you for taking the time to teach me, listen to me, help me, support me. My life has been forever changed by all of you.

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