Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kentucky, Ya’ll

The rumors you heard are all true!  We are heading south, and not just for the winter!  It has been a real emotional rollercoaster.  This is going to be the biggest change I have ever made in my life, so far, and I am not loving it!  In all honesty, I don’t like when we move the furniture around.  It completely throws me off and I cannot even help John figure out where to move it too.  So this is significant for me!

The children, on the other hand, are excited!  Well, not excited to leave their friends, but excited to go somewhere new and experience all that Kentucky will have to offer.  They are the most amazing people!  I need to adopt their perspective and go with it…I will keep telling myself this, I promise :)

So here is the trip John and I took to Kentucky!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Friends, POTD, Kentucky 149

John Kentucky






Friends, POTD, Kentucky 162

Friends, POTD, Kentucky 166 





Friends, POTD, Kentucky 175

Friends, POTD, Kentucky 190






Friends, POTD, Kentucky 252

Friends, POTD, Kentucky 255

Friends, POTD, Kentucky 254








Friends, POTD, Kentucky 228 Friends, POTD, Kentucky 239






Most of the pics above are right in the area of the house we are renting.  We were excited to see that the church was 5 minutes away, the Bengals training camp is about 10 minutes away, the little main street is about 5 minutes away.  I also found a really nice library, an indoor pool (community center), and an outdoor aquatic center!  What I thought was the most interesting…wasn’t even all the horses and farm land….it was when we went to get our utilities turned on.  The electric company and the water are literally next door to each other and they both have “drive thru” windows and the people actually go there and pay at the windows.  I don’t know why, but this  struck me as so bizarre.  They don’t use on line bill pay?  Ok, back to the pictures and the story of Downtown Lexington…

As if the the idea of paying bills through the drive thru wasn’t strange enough to me, we went downtown to experience the “night life.”  So we get there around 8:30 and it’s still daylight, but there are a lot of people out on the streets, including families!  Like people with babies…as we follow the crowd we see a trailer, that is a stage, like a traveling band shell….and not only is there a band playing, but people are dancing in the street, and in front of the courthouse families (mostly the kids) are playing in a fountain, that is water coming out of the ground!  What the heck??  The pic below is actually another fountain, but very similar.

iphone Kentucky 017

iphone Kentucky 023







iphone Kentucky 018






So that is our story so far.  We did find a house to rent, but that will be another post.  I will try to keep this updated better, but it seriously took me about 2 hours to put this together and it looks my Livewriter isn’t working right, so I guess I will have to wait and see how this posts!

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  1. It looks like a really wonderful town! I'm glad that, at least you will be going to a great place if you have to leave.
    I can't express how bummed I am that we won't get to see each other regularly at church and other places. I want you to know how much you have changed me. Your optimism and strength and example have made such an impact on me. You make everyone you talk to feel better about themselves. I hope I can learn to be more like you. I'm so glad you have a blog so that I can keep learning from you and so we can stay in touch. I'm so glad you have come into my life!