Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thursday's WITL

It definitely happens that some days are packed full of photos and others are seriously lacking. This week was a little hard to stay focused, mostly because of all the running we had to do to get registered for school. Here is a look at our Thursday.

Starting the morning off right with a vintage cartoon, the Smurfs! I love this cartoon.

Also starting the morning with some bug catching. Thankfully we have Madasyn here during the day to keep us safe from the scary bugs. Today she is catching a cricket to take back outside.

It is about 9 in the morning and already this hot.? YIKES!

The Georgetown hospital. My home for our first week here. Jack & I went in today and found our my stay, without insurance, would be paid for in full. I am so grateful that I can't even put it into words.

Finally was able to register Jack & Hunter for school. Now just to get them both physicals, eye exams, and dental exams.


And a nap!

Hunter wanting a piggy back ride from his brother who weighs about 12 pounds more than him. Probably not going to work out buddy.

Sunny D with lunch. Jack & I ate a little later, thanks to the errands we ran.


Brothers playing together, until Finn gets really irritated that Hunter has taken his toy.

Again with the hands...this picture really makes me think about possibilities. The possiblity that he could play music with these hands, be a surgeon with these hands, be an athlete with these hands, hold his own child with these hands...the possibilities are endless really.

Dinner prep. We had the Easy Chicken Bake from the back of the Stove Top box, I have to double the recipe, and green beans. I still cannot believe how much food we consume here.

Family dinner. We really try to do this every single night unless there is an activity that is early. I am grateful to be able to have these dinners again. When John was working in the dealership we rarely, if ever ate dinner as a family

Took the oldest 3 to a sale at a local consignment store in Georgetown. As we pulled into town there was also a band playing. This small town atmosphere is actually really cool!

Bengals training camp is about 5 minutes from our house. This is obviously a big deal for the city? John is really looking forward to getting a car full of friends and some of our children to go and watch a session and maybe get some autographs :)

Had some of my hair cut off! I am thinking I still need more of the bulk taken out. It is so hot here all the time that there is just nopoint in me having long hair because all I do is put it in a pony tail.

Mr. Finn and I ended up having a pretty late night. He is finally cutting some molars and has been really sad about it. He cried for awhile so I just sat snuggling him as best I could until he finally wanted to lay down. Needless

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