Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's WITL

Some of my thoughts on Tuesday:

I am grateful for the comfort of my bed!

Gas, while still expensive, is a little bit cheaper down here and I am finding that I am using a lot less.

I am grateful for my own transportation and that I can be a "Mom Taxi."

I still can't believe how rural of an area we are in...

I am so grateful for the breeze of a ceiling fan.

Watching the boys thinking and playing together is really nice!

I am so grateful to be doing Project Life

We just can't seem to get too far away from the video games. But I love his pudgy, little hands!

I am grateful for siblings! I always wanted some of my own and I am so happy for our children. I hope they will continue to grow and nurture their relationship with each other always.

Madasyn's spirit and her ability to just walk into a group of children she doesn't know astounds me. She left the 4 hour camp her first day with 4 new friends.

Grateful that they understand each other enough to be able to play together. It isn't always peaceful, but I'll take it.

Honey red wine vinaigrette! We had ranch chicken and a candied walnut salad with this dressing. The recipe should say feta cheese in the salad, that is how my sweet friend, Erin, made it for my family. Delicious!

Grateful for boxed cake mixes :) I made dinner from scratch, at least ;)

Dinner with the Missionaries!! I am so grateful for them and their sacrifices and teachings. These are really sweet young men.

I am grateful for the help in the kitchen.

Grateful for the study guides given to me by my dear friend Kasey. These will be used and loved!

Grateful for all of Ryleigh's help at all times. She is an amazing young woman.

Grateful for my Maddi and her willingness to help with the chores no one wants to do. She is also becoming an amazing yound woman!

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