Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wednesday's WITL

Maybe some thoughts on what I learned today. I really tried to think a little differently for each day.

I learned that no matter how hard I try I cannot organize or stay on task *throws arms in the air.*

I learned that Hunter is still obsessed with the color orange.

I learned that Madasyn is super excited about starting school this year!

This is just the beginning of Finn learning how to be a good Daddy for the future ;)

That I love the Main Street in Georgetown! The buildings are gorgeous!

My baby is getting bigger and can get on and off the couch alone (he has been doing this for a bit, but is getting braver.)

I still love make up!

Karen, if you read this, this photo is for you! I learned that I just can't help but take a photo in the mirror hehe!

The stop lights here are loooonngg and the drivers pull away ssllloooow!

If Hunter can get the girls to play, he love pretending.

I learned that he is super nervous about the bike, but is still willing to at least try.

Laundry is easier to do when it is in the hallway :)

I will never finish the few boxes that my Mom left :(

This face will always make my day better!

Jack will always be a "my" boy and love any alone time he can get with me.

There is a restaurant here called Cheddars, that is really good and super inexpensive.

Driving around, literally in a circle, is confusing!

Escaping the house for a couple hours is a must!

Seeing Hunter sleeping at a decent hour warms my heart!
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  1. Miss you! But it looks like you and the cute family are settling in well, which is great to hear...or see! ;)