Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday's WITL

This is really late, but I wanted to share some of our photos from each day of our week in the life project. I still ned to do some editing and then put the photos in the digital templates before printing, but that mayhave to wait a bit. I hope you enjoy and think about trying the project in your homes! Even for just one day.

Finn in the morning! One thing I captured last year with this project was how happy he always woke up and this year is no different. He is so happy!

I love that this morning Hunter had breakfast with his light sabre.

Lots of enrollment and health forms to fill out to register the kiddos for school!

There was a lot of errands to run in the morning. First we went to the Elementary school (upper left) and it was still closed. So we went to the Middle School and found out Maddi could attend a 6th grade day camp the next two days. Ooff the the 9th grade school for Ryleigh. I'm still not too sure about this one, so we will see how she does and how she feels. After that it was off to Walmart so I could supply the school. The items were so specific, especially for Jack (who is in 5th grade.)

Our new street!

Lunch! Coke and ranch dressing....who really needs the lettuce?

Hunter's obessed with Angry Birds this week.a

This isn't even a third of the shoes that are usually clustered around the door. I love that you can see all of your different and styles (sort of.)

Dinner! Hawaiian Haystacks. Check out the recipe here

Hunter "This is my house."

Mr. Blue Eyes

This is such a proud moment for us. Hunter only rode for a few minutes, but I think as parents, John and I thought we would never see this day.

John took the three oldes on a bike ride. They loved all the hills around the neighborhood.

Gumballs! I do not smoke or drink....I love gumballs he he!!
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